Axiom Discs Eclipse R2 Neutron Crave - Halloween Edition

$17.95 USD $19.99


Rise of The Crave! DoubleRam Design brings us Sarah Hokom, disc at the ready, heroically defending her beau Chris and faithful companion Raven against an undead army of darkness. Debuting in Eclipse R2 Neutron for the first time, these Craves will have a variety of color glow rims (Blue, Aqua, White, Purple, Green) befitting of its status as an Axiom disc.

With gentle turn at high speed, straight flights, and a forward penetrating fade, the Crave continues to be an incredibly reliable straight-stable fairway driver. When consistency is what you need, grab the Eclipse R2 Neutron Crave!

Share your preferences in the comment section, such as your desired Rim Color or Preferred stamp. While we cannot guarantee a perfect match, we will make every effort to accommodate your preferences. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

Speed: 6.5
Glide: 5.0
Turn: -1.0
Fade: 1.0

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